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April 8, 2014

“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014”

Esmé at 9 weeks.

I’m incredibly late posting week 9 (and week 10, come to think of it!) but at least I remembered to take the pictures on the appropriate days. This week we’ve been dealing with pacifier issues…at first we wanted her to take it because she was so fussy, and once she did she was a much happier baby. But now she has a hard time going to sleep at night without it, but she constantly drops it which in turn wakes her up and nothing else will soothe her. Do we take it away, which will be a whole new battle?! Do we let her hang onto it, knowing eventually she’ll be able to keep it in her mouth for longer stretches of time?! The thing I’m realizing about parenting is that it isn’t the big things that are so taxing…it’s all the little tiny decisions throughout the day – continually fixing one problem to seemingly create another – it leaves me feeling like I’m always doing something wrong. But beyond the pacifier issue, she actually sleeps for pretty long stretches at a time, and only wakes up one or twice during the night…it’s just that initial falling asleep that we haven’t quite mastered yet. But I think it’s ok…she’s only 9 weeks old after all.

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