December 5, 2013

This past July, we did some traveling up the East Coast, and along the way we stopped in a few small Vermont towns. In one of them – an awesome town called Waterbury – we purchased this delicious maple syrup because, why you would ever go to Vermont without buying syrup is beyond me. I learned the difference between the grades of maple syrup…it’s all in the amount of water left in the syrup, or how concentrated it is. The darker the syrup, the less water. So simple!

It disappeared embarrassingly fast. We put it to all kinds of different uses, though I think the majority got consumed in the form of a maple-sweetened Old Fashioned (maybe a husband inspired drink recipe post is coming soon??). However, the most classically delicious use of maple syrup is when it is poured over hot pancakes slathered in butter, which is what we did on this beautiful morning a few weeks ago.

Do you have a favorite use for maple syrup, either traditional or unique? I would love more ideas, because I can’t wait get another bottle!

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  • Reply Micah December 5, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Man…that stuff really did go fast. It was the best maple syrup I’ve ever had.

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