A Whole New Avocado

August 8, 2014

Things are looking pretty good around here, right?! I finally (after four years!!!) got around to having my site redesigned. There are a few wonderful perks of being married to someone who owns their own design firm. For instance, one day you and your husband are sitting around on the couch and he says ‘hey, let’s just redesign your site right now!’ and then you’re like ‘ok!’ and a few hours later you have a new logo and your blog looks so fresh and so clean, clean! All the thanks goes to Rare Assembly (Micah’s new company that he runs with two other awesome people, Jordan and Alex…I just realized all three of them have unisex names…).

In addition to a new blog design…

…I also redesigned my hair! I lost the choppy pieces of blonde, and dyed it the darkest brown around. I cut my bangs too short and called it a happy accident. I’m all about starting fresh. When I had a baby, a lot of things changed, including the way I blog. I don’t cook the same way I used to, I don’t dress the same way I used to, and I certainly don’t approach my days the same way I used to. So I’m trying to figure out how to fit Dear Avocado into my new way of life, and I’m still not sure exactly how it will look. I do know that I’m striving for a few consistent posts a week, including more style posts and more illustration posts. If there’s anything that you, my lovely readers, would like to see more of I am ALL EARS. I don’t do this blog only for myself, and I seriously love feedback.

I also updated all of my social media, so come follow me on Twitter and Instagram @dearavocado or on Pinterest.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new Dear Avocado!

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