August 24, 2013

Recently, my husband and I went on a month long adventure across the East coast, starting in Nashville and making our way all the way up to Vermont. We stopped in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Boston, and New Jersey along the way. That deserves a post all it’s own, but the reason I’m talking about it right now is because while in Vermont we stopped at a place called the Vermont Country Store (more about that little three hour detour next time!) and upon the recommendation of one of my guy friends (hi Joel!) I picked up a tube of this lipstick called Tangee. For obvious reasons, he couldn’t try it himself, so I volunteered. I might have found the towering display without his nudging, but I don’t think I would have purchased it if he weren’t so curious about whether or not the product does what it claims to do, which is to change color to complement your skin. The formula reacts to your body temperature and creates a darker or lighter pink shade, or “the blush rose of youth and beauty” according to their 1929 ad (pictured below). It’s a very old formula that doesn’t seem to have changed much, so I was skeptical. But it was actually quite lovely! I wear it almost every day, especially if my lips are at all lackluster. It’s not greasy, is very lightweight, and has some real staying power.

It used to be easy to find, but is now exclusive to the Vermont Country Store. Which would be unfortunate except! They sell it online. At $14.95 it’s sort of middle-of-the-road as far as lipstick prices go, but honestly, I think it’s worth it. My only complaint would be that it has a sort of aloe-ish aftertaste that can be difficult to ignore, but it didn’t bother me after the second or third application.

It’s a pale orange color in the tube, but as you can see, it changes pretty dramatically once applied. It’s never too bright, and adds just the right amount of a glowy pink. I love the consistency, too…something closer to a thin gloss than a lipstick. Plus it has some really nice ingredients like aloe, lanolin and beeswax, so it’s actually good for your lips.

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