Why Whole 30?

May 23, 2014

Let me start with a super brief explanation of what Whole 30 is: it is an elimination diet where you exclude ALL forms of dairy, sugars (including all artificial or ‘healthy’ sweeteners like honey), grains (including quinoa and other ‘healthy’ grains), all forms of alcohol and all processed foods. Which leaves us with fresh, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and healthy fats. After 30 days, you start adding food groups back in one at a time to see what your sensitivities are, if any. You are allowed caffeine in moderation. The purpose is to reset your relationship with food, and regain any control that’s been lost.

I have always felt like Micah and I are healthy people for the most part. We are good at moderation, and we eat lots of whole foods. However, he has some food allergies we haven’t been able to pin point, and since Esmé was born, I’ve found myself either not eating at all for long stretches of time (tsk tsk for a nursing mom, I know) or eating whatever random food I can find and make quickly (a few too many toasts with peanut butter, I think). One day as I was thinking about feeding Esmé real food, I started to examine our own eating habits, and how those might look to a toddler who only ate veggies, fruits and meats…I decided I would feel very hypocritical. Then one of the ladies I follow on Instagram (Jenna Rammell of Small Fry Blog) started doing a Whole 30, and her posts looked so simple and delicious it got me really interested in the program. Plus she works and has two little boys, so if she can do it, than I have absolutely no excuse not to!

At the same time as all of that was going on in my head, Micah had been asking to do some sort of cleanse or detox for months. I didn’t feel comfortable doing a juice cleanse, or something that might diminish my milk supply, plus I don’t actually need to lose any weight (thank you breastfeeding!). So the Whole 30 looks to be the best of both worlds…get our eating back on track, and encourage us to renew our healthy habits that have fallen by the wayside. Plus, I’ll be cooking more, and I’m excited to document my findings on Dear Avocado, and hopefully come up with recipes that even people who aren’t doing Whole 3o would want to eat!

So that’s why we’re doing this crazy thing, and I’m so excited to get started. We could use the encouragement and accountability from all of our friends and family, which is why I’m putting it on the blog, so thank you for reading and standing behind us! I’m also curious to hear about your experiences with Whole 30, and how it effected your eating habits! Feel free to share in the comments!

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  • Reply Coury June 2, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Love the posts. Just started the whole 30 today and heard about you through Aimee Spencer. Keep up the good work.

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