Girls in Bean Boots

February 4, 2013

This Christmas, I received one of my new favorite wardrobe staples. A shiny black pair of L.L. Bean 8″ Duck Boots. At first I wasn’t sure how well they would fit into my wardrobe. Then I came across a blog post about the beautiful Robyn Wilson, (owner of the Poor Porker). She effortlessly incorporated them into her outfits, and made them look so freaking adorable, I thought maybe I could give them a shot. Little did I know, I would actually need them for all of the rain, snow and ice that has graced the roads of our fair town. And now that I walk to work, I can’t imagine what I would have done without them this Winter!

For a fun way to waste some time, check out the Tumblr Girls in Bean Boots. A little silly, but mostly cute.

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