Easy Pieces

May 13, 2011

Recently I’ve been realizing just how simple I am when it comes to my daily outfits. Maybe I’ve finally come to that horrible place where comfort takes precedence over anything else. Though, when you spend 10-12 hours of everyday on your feet, having to constantly re-tuck your shirt, pull down your skirt, or reapply bandages to that spot your 5″ heels rub against isn’t all that appealing. So lately I’ve been enjoying the simple comforts of my “work wardrobe”. The things that help me pull the boring pieces together. Like my delightfully adorable Sseko sandals, the huge Ashley Michele ring my boss gave me for my 25th birthday, and things like skinny cargo pants from J. Crew that were so majorly on sale I couldn’t NOT buy them. But have you ever noticed that it’s the things we spend the least amount of money on – the things we put the least thought into – that seem to get the most compliments? Like the cardigan in this picture…$5 from Target. It’s crazy how many people comment on it.

My job affords me lots of fun perks, like talking to jewelry designers who tell me “I thought of you when I put this ring together-you love rubies, right?” and then your boss buys it for you cause she knows you’re obsessed. (Thank you Christina ;))

These shoes are so fun! They deserve to have a post all their own. And so they shall…just you wait.

(cardigan-target, tank-anthro, pants-j.crew, ring-ashley michele, sandals-philanthropy)

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  • Reply Lenny Knoblock August 9, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  • Reply Joel May 13, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    If I had those sandals, I bet I would constantly snag the bows on things. Also, they’d look silly on me. They work for you though. Just watch out for twigs and nail heads that are sticking out.

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