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September 26, 2013

If I am allowed to admit to an intense amount of affection for one earthly object, it would be coffee. A strange thingĀ  happened in the early days of my pregnancy, though. All of the sudden, I didn’t really like coffee. Perhaps it was the earth-shaking nausea, or maybe my tastes were just changing. Either way,the smell made me want to vomit. It felt like a deeply embedded part of me had changed. I’ve loved coffee and been drinking it since I was 12, and have always identified the love of coffee as part of what makes me ‘me’. I remember saying to my husband “I hope I’m not like this forever!”. Well…it didn’t last! I know that the safety of caffeine is debatable during pregnancy, but 1 cup a day is doctor approved šŸ˜‰

We have a shameful amount of brewing methods in our house that we’ve collected over the years…the beloved French press, something called a Walkure Coffee machine (that should have a post of it’s own!), several different pour-over brewers, a hand grinder…the list goes on. But my favorite standby is always the Bialetti. To ease myself back into drinking coffee in those still slightly nauseous days, I added half warm milk and a teensy bit of brown sugar. So maybe it’s more of a cafe au lait than a normal cup of coffee. Either way, it’s delicious.

My Favorite Coffee RecipeĀ Ā Ā Ā  { s e r v e sĀ  2 }

Tools needed:
1 Bialetti coffee maker (this is the Venus 4-cup model, but we also have the Moka Express. They taste exactly the same, it’s just a visual preference)

3-4 Tbsp medium-course ground coffee (some people say to use a fine grind, but we’ve found a medium grind makes a better batch)
1/4-1/2 cup whole milk, heated just before boiling
1 tsp brown or turbanado sugar

Fill the bottom of the Bialetti with water to the line indicated, or just below the valve on the side. Place the filter into the top, and fill with a mound of coffee…per the instructions, there is no actual measurement, just pile it in until a little peak forms just above the rim or the filter. Screw the top on, and place on the stove over medium-high heat. You’ll begin to hear little bubbling sounds after the first few minutes, and then the coffee will start to percolate to the top. Wait until it’s nearly full, and then remove from heat. Pour milk into your cup, add sugar, and pour coffee into the milk and sugar mixture, stirring until all ingredients are combined. Enjoy!

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