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Watercolor Wednesdays :: Icelandic Poppies

August 20, 2014

This is the start of what I hope can be a weekly series titled Watercolor Wednesdays. It would give me incentive to set aside time each week to be creative. Sometimes it can be such a challenge to make creativity a priority when there’s a sink full of dishes, groceries to buy, clothes to wash, trash to take out and a baby needing things all the while. But I’m coming to realize that it is so important to my mental health to be creative, and painting is a great, simple way for me to practice taking that time for myself each week. Continue Reading…

So Very, Very Grateful

December 9, 2013

We received so many wonderful, thoughtful and generous gifts for our baby shower, I didn’t want to simply go to Target and buy a pack of $5 thank you cards. I wanted to spend time creating hand illustrated cards to help show how very, very grateful we are. As you may know, babies are expensive, and we are rather lacking in the money department right now, so without the help of the insanely awesome people in our lives, this whole ‘baby’ thing would be way too overwhelming. Every single item I fretted and worried over (“But how will we buy a stroller?!” “What about a crib…she needs something to sleep in!” “How can we afford a car seat??”) has been provided for…even the first couple months worth of diapers (both cloth and disposable!).

All of that to say, the people in our lives deserve more than a pre-manufactured card, because without their generosity, our baby’s near future would included sleeping in a dresser drawer and wearing nothing but a dishcloth as a diaper 😉

I’ve been painting with watercolors on-and-off since middle school, but had taken quite a long hiatus until recently, and I have to say that I’ve been thoroughly loving it! It’s a perfect creative outlet for me in that it hardly requires much time commitment or preparation…I’m kind of lazy when it comes to artistic endeavors.

I kept the illustrations fairly similar for simplicity’s sake, but changed a few things up on each one…the hair, the stripes, the color, the shoes…probably more to keep myself entertained than anything else. I also made the cards themselves out of Bristol paper that we had laying around the house. Thanks to my one year in design school, I remembered how to measure and score each card so that they folded properly!

They’re far from perfect, but I think that’s what I like about them the most…each one has it’s own slight imperfections and each is completely unique. I hope our friends enjoy receiving them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!